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    Shanghai Golden Land Building

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    Shanghai Golden Land Building is located in Lujiazui Financial Center with convenient transportation.

    Close to major public transportation; 300 meters from subway, bus and ferry.

    It faces a landscape park and green space in front, and has a sweeping view of the Bund and gardens in the back.

    The project was established by Shanghai Golden Land Co., Ltd. 

    in accordance with the approval of the feasibility study by the People’s Government of Pudong New Area, Shanghai,

    It was submitted for construction at the Pudong New Area Construction Project Tendering 

    and Bidding Management Office on April 03, 2002,

    The investment scale is 811.73 million yuan, and the source of funds is 100.00% of foreign investment. 

    The structure is located at the intersection of Yincheng Middle Road and Lujiazui Ring Road.

    The building area is 98563 square meters. Pillar-free interior design.

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