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    Shandong Baby Joy Food Co., Ltd

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    山東嬰兒樂食品有限公司 副本.jpg

    "Baby joy" is a famous trademark and one of the top ten brands in Shandong, 

    and it is the first brand in China's infant biscuit segment.

    In the national baby biscuit segment sales volume, 

    Infant Music Group is a director of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology and the Infant Branch.

    It has been praised as a national recommended product by the Institute of Reform, 

    and has been awarded the Silver Award, Quality Award, 

    Most Popular Product and other honors by the country and various ministries and commissions, 

    Yantai City in Shandong Province and the National Food Expo 15 times.

    Baby Music has a history of 60 years, with superb craftsmanship, 

    rich production experience and technology, strong brand and strong market network support. 

    There are many advantages and experiences in OEM and ODM.

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