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    The Caofeidian Comprehensive Bonded Zone Innovation

    date:2021-04-26 13:37 hits:

    The Caofeidian Comprehensive Bonded Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center project 

    was invested and developed by Tangshan Caofeidian Comprehensive Insurance Investment Co., Ltd.

    It is located in the Caofeidian Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Free Trade Zone), 

    covering an area of 65,000 square meters and a building area of 170,000 square meters.

    It is composed of 6 single buildings and is a "creative space" that integrates various functions 

    such as business office, merchandise display, hotel apartments, catering and entertainment.

    It mainly provides support services and hardware facilities for innovative companies, 

    and provides support for capital service companies introduced in the free trade zone.

    In the future, the dual innovation center will attract trading companies, platform companies, 

    e-commerce companies, testing and scientific research companies, etc.

    And relying on the dual policy advantages of the bonded zone and the free trade zone and the geographical advantage near the port,

    Create a new highland for innovation and entrepreneurship in Caofeidian District,

     promote the adjustment of the industrial structure of Caofeidian District, and accelerate regional economic growth.

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